Watch Nancy's Testimonial

"..the scientific knowledge that's behind H3 at home is so huge. And it, and it comes from Hilton Head Health, but it's also the people that are a part of H3 at home..."


[00:00:00] Elizabeth: Hi, this is Elizabeth. I'm with Hilton Head Health at Home. And I'm here with Nancy, who's one of our members. and Nancy, we're going to talk a little bit about your experience with Hilton Head Health at Home. Welcome. Thank you, Elizabeth. I'm happy to be here. Thank you. Yeah, I'm so glad that you've given us this opportunity.

[00:00:23] Elizabeth: I think that probably where I'd like to start is could you tell us a little bit about what was going on in your life, where you were when you decided to join Hilton Head

[00:00:34] Nancy: Health at home. Yeah,I had been to Hilton Head Health on campus and loved it. Learned a lot from it. several years ago. I have had a difficult 2022 where I, long story, but broke my wrist had a couple surgeries also broke my foot.

[00:00:56] Nancy: And so I just really, lost myself. I lost a [00:01:00] year and I lost fitness and I put on a lot of weight and, I was just had was not me. Didn't feel like me. And I looked around at a bunch of different places. I have had tried other weight loss programs, if you will. I had done Weight Watchers, which never worked for me.

[00:01:16] Nancy: I did, HMR, which did work for me, but anytime I lost weight, I put it back on. and so this year, when I was looking early in 2023, when I was looking for how am I going to get myself back on track? I looked at a Didn't really look at the weight only options, but I looked at a number of options and in looking into the Hilton head health at home program.

[00:01:39] Nancy: I really felt like it was going to give me everything that I wanted. It was going to give me the one on one coaching that I needed. It would give me a road map in terms of how to recapture how to regain myself, recapture my fitness. begin healthy eating again. And also that I felt like it was a program that was going to [00:02:00] work for the long haul.

[00:02:01] Nancy: It was about getting me up to a new place that was sustainable. That's why I went with Hilton Head Health.

[00:02:08] Elizabeth: So Nancy, I hear what you said about why you joined. So did that, did we meet your expectations? Tell us some more, tell us about your experience as a member.

[00:02:20] Nancy: Yes, very much. it met my expectations, but it helped me understand that I. I now have new expectations. So it's been a wonderful journey.

[00:02:29] Nancy: from the moment that I first had my consultation, I felt like, Tory got me. She knew what my issues were and she knew of a coach who could give me what I needed. And she assigned me to friend who was a coach who gave me exactly what I needed. Fran has worked with me from the very beginning and identifying what are the big things I want to work on and then has really helped me to, small habit block by small habit block to change how I live so that I am actually much healthier.

[00:02:56] Nancy: Now,

[00:02:57] Elizabeth: I think I'm sorry to interrupt you. Could you give me an [00:03:00] example of what you mean by that? A habit block by habit block.

[00:03:03] Nancy: Yeah, so it was, it's really very interesting. I want to sleep better at night. And Fran will say, okay, Nancy, what are the things that are getting in your way of sleeping at night?

[00:03:11] Nancy: and there's a funny story so I didn't sleep well and I would always eat at night. And in the beginning, Fran's okay, Nancy, so let's get rid of the eating at night. And I'm like, yeah, let's do that, Fran. But then I'm like, but Fran, I can't, I just can't, I can't do it. And she said, then don't, we don't have to let's pick something else, start someplace else.

[00:03:29] Nancy: And then ultimately we got to, Trading out T or my reader. So it's what? What do we want to change? And how are we going to go about changing a little bit at a time? So I'm direct was to have T one more. So working on those things that we need to change and then just working at him a little bit at a time has resulted.

[00:03:54] Nancy: It's given me the freedom to be a different person.

[00:03:57] Elizabeth: That makes sense. Yeah, that does make sense. [00:04:00] so what else did, what else did Fran do was, did you, yeah, so

[00:04:03] Nancy: yeah, the other thing that has, she early on understood that in order for me to get back to me, which is a scale that she now still asks me about, how far.

[00:04:14] Nancy: Back to you. Are you Nancy? But, movement was important to me. Movement makes me happy being outdoors and X. so we started we focused on that and she really worked did a great job of starting with programs that. we're short enough, but, challenging enough so that I could make progress and I have made tremendous progress.

[00:04:35] Nancy: I can just do so much more. So again, it's those small bits. It's starting wherever you are and just working at it and keeping working at it. And now I'm someplace

[00:04:44] Elizabeth: else. aside from the coaching, I know that you're part of the community as well. Do you use that feature much or how?

[00:04:52] Elizabeth: What's been your experience there?

[00:04:54] Nancy: you know what, I, this time around for my journey, I, just haven't connected [00:05:00] with the community as much. It's just, I'm not much of a joiner, so I'm not surprised that I have, it's not that, it's a wonderful community. It's welcoming, it's supportive. Whenever I've been involved, they've, they're really wonderful people, but it's been, This has been a journey I think I wanted to do on my own.

[00:05:17] Elizabeth: Yeah. that's, it's funny how we all have our own path, And what works for us. I think for me, I came to Hilton Head Health as a guest originally, and it, I felt could give me what I wanted, I didn't have to fall into what the way it was done. It was, could really could customize it for myself.

[00:05:34] Elizabeth: It sounds like you may have found that to be true for you as well.

[00:05:37] Nancy: very much And I like the fact that I have all those options. So one of the things I love about Hilton Hotel, I tell all my friends about it actually, when you do the videos you have level one, two, and three on every video.

[00:05:50] Nancy: There aren't most, almost every video. And often in the beginning, I was either a level one or level two. Now I'm a level two or a level three. But I love that you, [00:06:00] they make you feel successful. you are being successful regardless of what level you're doing and you're just

[00:06:05] Elizabeth: getting stronger. So how close are you to you, Nancy?

[00:06:09] Elizabeth: Where are you now?

[00:06:11] Nancy: Elizabeth, I am, from a fitness perspective and a feeling like myself, I think I'm a nine. Wow. I know it's really, but I know I want to be an 11, I see that there's more to me. What can I tell you?

[00:06:25] Elizabeth: You're moving the goalposts, Nance.

[00:06:29] Nancy: I'm not, I have not achieved my weight goals, but I have achieved sleep.

[00:06:34] Nancy: My sleep is so much improved. My eating habits and my exercise is so much improved. I just feel more like me and I'm making progress in my weight goals. Let's put it that way. And I know that slow and steady wins the race. And we found a formula that works slowly. So I'm really pleased. I'm not ready to let

[00:06:56] Elizabeth: go yet.

[00:06:56] Elizabeth: Yeah, that's great. it's funny. We have so many people that [00:07:00] come to us women, That, that they say their goal is they want to lose weight. And once we started digging into it, what almost universally, what they really want is to feel better. And, I think we learn, I learned is that if you do the things that make you feel better, Eat well for yourself, nourish your body, move your body, take care of your mind, find goals in life, then there's a lot of great consequences from that. You sleep better. You lose weight. That's one of them, but there's a whole myriad of things that make you feel better. That you can improve on.

[00:07:32] Elizabeth: So it sounds like that's something that sort of maybe has come to you also.

[00:07:37] Nancy: Yes. very much And I think Fran in the beginning,said, let's not, don't weigh in, don't weigh, because rather than be, let's just work on the, I called them for me, they were foundational habits.

[00:07:51] Nancy: They were the habits that were going to change. How I felt, and I had to work on those building blocks before I [00:08:00] could actually. Begin to see the change. Does that make sense? I think it

[00:08:03] Elizabeth: does. You know what I'm saying? that's the foundation for lasting weight management, right?

[00:08:08] Elizabeth: we can all, if I give you a few enough calories and make you move enough, you're going to lose weight. But is that something that you can live with? Exactly.

[00:08:15] Nancy: That's exactly right. And I think I'm really realizing that. It's and I want to live this way. I don't want to live that way. And, but I, you find that way through that enables you to be healthy and

[00:08:27] Elizabeth: happy.

[00:08:29] Elizabeth: Yeah. Yeah. it's a balancing act. I think we appreciate that more as we get older, at least I do. So you said that you, a few minutes ago that you would recommend, Hilton head health to other, you said Hilton health, but I'm assuming you meant Hilton health at home, maybe both to other people.

[00:08:45] Elizabeth: why, what is it about it that you think is,

[00:08:49] Nancy: First of all, I think that the customization is huge. it's, I feel like H3 at Home does a great job of meeting you where you are and [00:09:00] understanding where you are and then understanding what you yourself want to do to move forward. What, because my journey is different than your journey. My desires, my path, my journey is different than everyone's.

[00:09:12] Nancy: And so that, that was really impressive to me. It goes along with the videos that have one, two, and three on them. If you really do a great job of. Listening, paying attention and knowing how to work with each person, both on and from small goals, small habits, but also, just the right. the right guidance in terms of exercise and food.

[00:09:38] Nancy: And what do we do about sleep? And like the scientific knowledge that's behind H3 at home is so huge. and it comes from Hilton Head Health, but it's also the people that are a part of H3 at home.

[00:09:49] Elizabeth: Yeah. I really love the staff.

[00:09:51] Elizabeth: gosh, Nancy, it sounds like, you're doing so well and you. You look well and happy, which I think,it's a little warm out [00:10:00] here today. I apologize. you're

[00:10:01] Nancy: glowing, but it's nice. Yeah, I'm

[00:10:03] Elizabeth: glowing. Yeah. So thank you so much for sharing your story with me and the rest of us.

[00:10:12] Elizabeth: we're rooting for you. Good luck. Thank

[00:10:14] Nancy: you very much, Elizabeth. I appreciate being part of your family. So thank you for. Talking to me this morning.

[00:10:21] Elizabeth: Thanks. Bye. Bye.