Watch Jennifer's Testimonial

"..So, and that's what I really appreciate about the program is that I was met where I needed to be met..."


[00:00:00] Elizabeth: Hi, I'm Elizabeth. I'm with Hilton Head Health at home, and I'm here with Jennifer, who is one of our Hilton Head Health at home members.

[00:00:11] Elizabeth: Jennifer, could you maybe tell us, tell me, so what was going on when you first joined Hilton Head Health at home? What was in your life? Where were

[00:00:20] Jennifer: you, what was happening?

[00:00:21] Jennifer: Oh, that's a good question. So I guess the first thing was I was actually at Hilton Head Health in person. Oh. I went down, it was, actually close to about a year ago because I remember it was like Memorial Day, the holiday, so that week afterwards.

[00:00:38] Jennifer: So like that Okay. Late May, first week of June and I went down and I had a lot going on in my life, which is why I went to Hilton Head. Yes, I need to lose weight and I still need to lose weight. But I just had a lot going on with, my mom's illness. My mom had cancer. I actually had a, had the year before dealt with a bout of [00:01:00] cancer myself.

[00:01:01] Jennifer: So both my mom and I were going through cancer at the same time. Wow. I had, And my husband and I were her primary caregiver, so it was a lot. Yeah. And, so I needed a break and my husband was like, you need a break. And great husband. I re Yeah, he was, this is what's so crazy. I don't know, you guys might wanna edit this out, but at the beginning of the year I was like googling because.

[00:01:26] Jennifer: I had lost a ton of weight back in 20 13, 20 12, 20 13. But the stress and everything that was going on in my life, I had gained it all back and then some more. Yeah. So I was not happy. And so at the beginning of the year I started Googling Fat

[00:01:43] Elizabeth: Farms. When I went to Hilton Head Health, I was Googling fat camps for women.

[00:01:48] Elizabeth: We've all done it. everyone of us has

[00:01:50] Jennifer: done it right? Yeah. I was Googling fat farms and and I saw that, and I, there were a couple of them that I looked at. I was trying to go [00:02:00] like as far south as possible cause I wanted some warm weather. So I was looking at a couple in Florida and then I was looking at one in California, but Hilton had health kept coming back up.

[00:02:10] Jennifer: So I finally went to the website and I was like, okay, yeah, I wanna go there. Yeah. So when I got there, They introduced Hilton Head at Health. I had a great week. it was, what was wonderful was I got to focus on myself with no outside, right? cuz I knew my mom was being taken care of and hold on yards.

[00:02:31] Jennifer: And by the time I finished the week, they, I think they were just introducing a new Hilton Head Health, I think it was a new program at home. Yes. And I was like, yeah, I'm all about it. So

[00:02:41] Elizabeth: I signed up. Okay. So what was it that made, so you had a great week, what was it then that made you actually join?

[00:02:48] Elizabeth: So you said, okay, because it's, it's an investment.

[00:02:50] Jennifer: No, it is. It is an investment and I know for me, again, like I wanted to lose weight, but it was more than that. I knew that I needed to take care of myself in [00:03:00] order to take care of my mom. And I knew coming back, just getting thrown in the same environment.

[00:03:06] Jennifer: I was hoping that this would help me continue with my self care. Yeah. And, yeah, so that's, as soon as I was like, sign

[00:03:14] Elizabeth: me up. Okay. So how, did you, have you gotten what you wanted? What you expected? You've been a member for almost a year. How's it been for you?

[00:03:24] Jennifer: what's really awesome, and I say this, in a good way, is that it hasn't been like pressure, because I.

[00:03:34] Jennifer: Actually after coming back and signing up, I mean it was perfect timing for me to go cuz it was gave me that respite I needed for that last mile with my mom, cuz I didn't realize how close we were to the end of her life. And so she passed away in the, at the end of July. Okay. And what was absolutely wonderful was, I emailed, I think her name is Tori, who was Yep.

[00:03:59] Jennifer: [00:04:00] In part of the program. I was like, look, I don't think I can do this. My mom, actually, it was like two weeks before she passed away. I knew she was, I was like, I don't think I can do this. I, and she was like, fine. No problem. We can put your membership on hold. I said, Great. And two weeks later, my mom had passed and I said, oh, mom made the decision for me.

[00:04:19] Jennifer: We don't need to put it on hold. but just everything, like with the program, there was like no pressure. and it was, you're held accountable, but it's not like what I consider like a personal trainer. When did you eat,da? Wasn't, and it was, It allowed me to progress at my own rate and, my own speed or like what was going on in my life because honestly, I would say from the time I joined till up until about two months ago, it was all about just incorporating little things and now I am totally focused [00:05:00] on.

[00:05:01] Jennifer: My weight, so Okay. It's starting to come off, but it wasn't really coming off, but I wasn't really focused there. It was just like, okay, how do I live this new life without my mom? And how do I just, yeah. and that's what I really appreciate about the program is that I was met where I needed to be met.

[00:05:21] Elizabeth: That's wonderful. I'm glad to hear that. so tell me, you said, you're now starting to focus on your weight. Tell me, I imagine you've had probably a lot of wins that are non-weight wins at this point in the game. Tell me what progress you made. Tell me what, what's the good news? a year later,

[00:05:38] Jennifer: the good news is that I ha so I don't get on the scale.

[00:05:42] Jennifer: I really don't get on the scale. and I guess it was about two weeks ago, I went to my chiropractor and he's Ooh, it looks like you've lost weight. And my sister was like, I can really tell you're losing weight. I was like, okay. And cause. I don't see it. so I went [00:06:00] into the, what I call the other closet where my smaller clothes were and I started pulling a few things out and I was able to wear them Last week I was like, Yes, Jennifer. Fantastic. It was so exciting.

[00:06:15] Elizabeth: Yeah. That is exciting. Yeah. Yeah. And so do you feel like you're at a point, tell me about we hear a lot of people come to us and, I've tried this, I've tried this, and it works for a while, right? we always say diets work every time, right?

[00:06:26] Elizabeth: So tell me, is this a diet for you? What? Tell me what's, how that's

[00:06:30] Jennifer: working. No, it's not. Here's the thing about Hilton Head, it's, there are a lot of diet programs out there, and I've probably tried them all over my adult life. but it doesn't really, if it we're only just eating right and losing weight, There would be no weight problem.

[00:06:49] Jennifer: But like I said, I had some stuff going on with me when I came down the Hilton Head and when, throughout the past year. So it's much more than [00:07:00] just diet and exercise. it's about being mindful and All of those aspects of your life that you don't really, that you know you should take care of with self care that you don't really focus on.

[00:07:14] Jennifer: And I love that about Hilton Head that, right up front it's like we're going to work on all of these aspects of your life that impact why you eat and how you and those root causes getting to that root cause.

[00:07:29] Elizabeth: Wow. So what. Would you, as you look forward to this next year

[00:07:35] Elizabeth: what is your hope, what's your goal? what are you looking to do now?

[00:07:39] Jennifer: Like I said, I'm a lot more focused. and I really want to get off the weights because I am older. I'm. 57, I think. Ah, same age. Oh, wait a minute. I was born in 1964, however that makes me okay. yeah, I lost [00:08:00] track.

[00:08:00] Jennifer: Still tracks covid

[00:08:02] Elizabeth: didn't, yeah. Yeah.

[00:08:04] Jennifer: But yeah, I really, my concern is being healthy as I age. I don't necessarily need to, I, I'm not losing weight to. get in a specific size or look a certain way. For me, the goal is about aging in a manner where, hopefully I can be self-sufficient and not have to rely on,I look at my family history Yeah.

[00:08:31] Jennifer: And I wanna be healthy as, as possible as I age and Right. And independent

[00:08:36] Elizabeth: high quality of life. Exactly. Exactly. Go where you wanna go, do

[00:08:39] Jennifer: what you want to do. Yes, exactly. When I retire, I wanna be able to go on vacation and not be, bedbound or Yeah. Homebound.

[00:08:48] Elizabeth: Yeah. Yeah. so tell me, do you have any advice for someone that's thinking about working with a coach?

[00:08:54] Elizabeth: we do coaching specifically. what if they're, if someone's unsure, uncertain, what's [00:09:00] your, what would be your advice to them?

[00:09:02] Jennifer: I would say definitely check it out. like I said, one of the things that I really loved about the program was. It met me where I was. It's not like one size fit all cookie cutter, where, a lot of programs are like, you eat this and do this.

[00:09:20] Jennifer: it met me where I was and Sarah, who is my amazing coach,just I love the way it's, okay, what do we wanna work on over the next two weeks and just, implementing little. Things or they could be bigger things, but just implementing things, at a time, at the right time for you.

[00:09:42] Jennifer: for me, I remember one of the, my biggest goals, when I first got started was drinking more water. seems small, but nothing that simple, right? Yeah. so we actually had a goal of just drinking and every week I was like, I'm [00:10:00] not drinking, I'm still not drinking enough water. And Sarah said, what about a bottle where maybe you know, those bottles where you mark it off?

[00:10:08] Jennifer: And I'm like, okay, I'll try that. And for me that was like great motivation because. It was like in my face, and I've had no problem drinking water ever since. So just the fact that your coach works, will work and help and tweak Yeah. and put something in place. that may not be another person's major goal, right?

[00:10:29] Jennifer: So that it's so personalized and customized. So I would say definitely considerate because your coach. gets to know you and works with you and puts up, helps you plan out I think, two weeks at a time.

[00:10:43] Elizabeth: This is my goal. Yeah, it's your journey, right? Yeah. Not ours. Yeah. yeah. I guess the last thing I wanna ask you is, would you recommend specifically.

[00:10:52] Elizabeth: Hilton Net Health at home to your friends, to someone else that you knew that wanted to lose weight or just make some changes in their

[00:10:58] Jennifer: life? No, I definitely, and I [00:11:00] have recommended that to friends. I was like, I have, and I have, and it's so funny because one of my girlfriends I was talking to last night, she was like, did you get the book yet?

[00:11:09] Jennifer: I'm like, no, I didn't get the book because I told her about a month ago how I went to Hilton Head Health. I went to Hilton Head Health last year, Uhhuh, she's oh, I don't remember that. did they have some kinda book out years ago? I don't know. She said, yes, we did the Hilton Head Diet or something.

[00:11:26] Elizabeth: Yeah, the Metabolism Diet. Yeah. Okay. It was like

[00:11:29] Jennifer: 1976. That's how long ago it was. and that's what she was talk Yeah, that's what she was talking about this book. I'm like, no, I've never heard of the book. And I was like, no, I didn't get the

[00:11:37] Elizabeth: book yet. Yeah, I don't think it's a print anymore. but yeah, we've been in business for almost 50 years.

[00:11:42] Jennifer: yeah. Yeah. So I was like, no, I didn't do that. I was like, I have a

[00:11:46] Elizabeth: coach and I'm going back. There you go. Jennifer, I know we'll see you at members week and thank you so much. I'm so excited. I'm excited too. We're gonna get to meet Sarah in person, right? yes. it's gonna be fantastic.

[00:11:58] Elizabeth: Thank you so much for [00:12:00] this and congratulations. you look beautiful and happy and healthy. Thank you. and I see that, I see the. Accomplishments that you've made. So thank, thank you and I appreciate it.